So which am I?

Am I the hermit forced from his hole into the world, the introvert learning to act in extroverted ways, or the mystic returning to the world from some deep meditation?

I chose the spiritual path but couldn’t leave the world behind, joined the corporate world but couldn’t lose myself in the machine.

I can see what’s incorrect in the paths of others but can’t justify my existence without recognizing the faults of my journey.

This life isn’t ideal, but it’s ideally situated in the lives of others, to render a cause beyond its value to me.  I’m here only as an example of the challenges I face, as an example of what my experience provides in its short existence.

I am a part of the whole, aware of its entirety, and unable to accurately describe the magnitude of its being.  And yet I feel compelled to attempt such feats, not to justify my ego’s desire for gratification, but because I cannot find any better use of its presence.