In Defense of Terrible People

In Defense of Terrible People

I read through comments, and see the vitriol and viciousness that good people become when they think up a punishment for people’s transgressions. In those moments, how are we really any different than the subject of our hatred?

Without Friends

When I found myself with no friends, I realized that I still had love around me, just not within me. That was the point of my awakening, and the creation of a new cycle of processes that redefined my life and perspective.

Open Studio Hartford 2013

This was our second season at Open Studio Hartford at the Union Station location. We had a great time chatting with the patrons and showing our work. We’re looking forward to next year’s event.

Complimentary Poles

When looking upon something, see what it is as well as what it’s not. This is the trick, truth is always found in between two poles, each convinced they are truth. These poles are not opposed, the are complimentary in the construction of the center. The only thing needed is awareness and the only way to awareness is to be open to its possibility.

The Observer

The observer is a part of every equation.
It’s a hidden part.
It’s assumed in doing the math.
Without the observer as a piece of the equation,
The equation ceases to have meaning or purpose.

Hidden in Time

Time is measured through consciousness; it’s dependent upon an observer to define its meaning. This creates a quantum state of impermanence, which our mind then perceives as the passage of time. Moments happen, then, they are gone. If we aren’t engaged with the moment we’re in, that moment becomes lost to another, existing solely within our mind.


Do you think I could drop me for a moment, and just be here alone? Not while you’re here. While you’re here, I exist. Without you, there cannot exist a me to perceive you there. It’s a balance that forms our shared reality.

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