Meditation – Finding Consciousness

Meditation – Finding Consciousness

There’s a moment when you come to this point of total clarity, where you can see all and understand everything. It’s like a flood of information that comes at you in a thoughtless kind of way, tearing you from the silence you’ve worked so hard to achieve.


If the loss of one meant the loss of the other would you change it? See, that’s the trick of life, everything balances, but we aren’t able to see one side of the coin from the other.

Without Friends

When I found myself with no friends, I realized that I still had love around me, just not within me. That was the point of my awakening, and the creation of a new cycle of processes that redefined my life and perspective.

Taking Steps

People say that the first step is the hardest, but I find the last step to be the most difficult step to take. That’s the step where you let go.

About Awareness

In awareness, there is consciousness. We are in observance of this shared experience that surrounds us, taking it in and processing it in our unique individual ways. Each of us perceives reality as only our perceptual experience allows it to be revealed.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.
This force is who we are, our spirit, our soul, who we are on the inside. This is consciousness, the awareness that separates life from matter, what makes us aware of our existence.

Inside us, we exist, and we perceive our existence through the utility of our mind as it calculates our existence through what we perceive. We exist externally, you see me, I see you, but neither are able to see through the eyes of the other. We only know a small part of the other, despite how it may seem.

Altering Frames

It is possible to shift the current of one’s existence through shifting the linguistic of how we define ourselves. It is important to understand that we define reality through language, through the words we use…

The Observer

The observer is a part of every equation.
It’s a hidden part.
It’s assumed in doing the math.
Without the observer as a piece of the equation,
The equation ceases to have meaning or purpose.

Hidden in Time

Time is measured through consciousness; it’s dependent upon an observer to define its meaning. This creates a quantum state of impermanence, which our mind then perceives as the passage of time. Moments happen, then, they are gone. If we aren’t engaged with the moment we’re in, that moment becomes lost to another, existing solely within our mind.


Do you think I could drop me for a moment, and just be here alone? Not while you’re here. While you’re here, I exist. Without you, there cannot exist a me to perceive you there. It’s a balance that forms our shared reality.

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