The Ego of One Man.

The Ego of One Man.

As you step upon your soapbox and cast me into hell, let me stop you for a moment to ask you a very important question.  How is this not about your ego?  How is this…

I Quit.

I Quit.

I’d like to resign from this, it isn’t what I was promised it would be. I was sold something different, and I now understand what this reality holds. Courted by your offerings, you pledged a life of great substance, but all you’ve provided me are superficial things which hold no real value.

Without Friends

When I found myself with no friends, I realized that I still had love around me, just not within me. That was the point of my awakening, and the creation of a new cycle of processes that redefined my life and perspective.

About Awareness

In awareness, there is consciousness. We are in observance of this shared experience that surrounds us, taking it in and processing it in our unique individual ways. Each of us perceives reality as only our perceptual experience allows it to be revealed.

Voice of the Dreamer

While you’re a part of this dream, look around.
Take in the things that go unseen,
Learn to see the energy fueling it all.
Allow yourself to fall even deeper inside.

Complimentary Poles

When looking upon something, see what it is as well as what it’s not. This is the trick, truth is always found in between two poles, each convinced they are truth. These poles are not opposed, the are complimentary in the construction of the center. The only thing needed is awareness and the only way to awareness is to be open to its possibility.

Enmeshed Reflection

With clear vision and clouded mind, we only see what we want to find.
With eyes closed and clouded heart, all that’s there gets torn apart.


Time is measured through consciousness; it’s dependent upon an observer to define its meaning. This creates a quantum state of impermanence, which our mind then perceives as the passage of time. Moments happen, then, they are gone. If we aren’t engaged with the moment we’re in, that moment becomes lost to another moment in time existing only within our mind.
Reality exists as it’s perceived. What is it you see?

Some kind of example anyway

What I’ve learned from life can be broken down simply, but that life itself is a rather more complex thing to communicate to people I meet.

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