Just a Moment

Just a Moment

She thinks she’s plain; I think she’s fascinating. She thinks she’s ugly; I think the way her eyes sparkle when she smiles is adorable. She thinks she’s fat; I love the way her body feels beside…


Time is measured through consciousness; it’s dependent upon an observer to define its meaning. This creates a quantum state of impermanence, which our mind then perceives as the passage of time. Moments happen, then, they are gone. If we aren’t engaged with the moment we’re in, that moment becomes lost to another moment in time existing only within our mind.
Reality exists as it’s perceived. What is it you see?

About this girl…

In all the time I’ve known her; we still lose ourselves in conversation. We form weird chains of rambling thoughts, entangled into beautiful conversations that I marvel at long after they’re done. She amazes me, in the way she unlocks my spirit, and the way I unlock hers. In many ways our paths seem destined to cross in their travels, casually separating and coming together again in gentle waves of harmony. Together, we joyfully stumble our way through tasks of ridiculous proportion and we accomplish great feats with an ease that seems almost suspicious. Amazing things take place without us even paying attention; we just get caught up in each other and they happen.

Love’s Inner Dimension

Love exists as a force of attraction, drawing souls together into connected entanglement.
Through this entanglement, perception is formed.

On Love

Love is the natural state of humanity; it’s the energy we’re born of, the essence of our being.

MAZE – Modern American Zen Experience

I’m working to create an experience called MAZE, a Modern American Zen Experience; It’s about how we find moments in our lives which somehow click like a switch, which allows us to see the world…

Nothing I Say Should Matter

What I write in here I write I do for the sake of its creation, I’m not here to solve your problems or placate your ego; I’m not trying to win your heart or change…

The Kiss

Eyes lock and the conversation stops; this is just a stumble, a momentary fumble where all thoughts become lost; we lean closer, breathing slower; our eyes remain caught in a gaze; everything else disappears in…

Prosaic Explanation

Thoughts turn into contemplation Deceiving minds with speculation Life defined by expectation Perspective lost in indignation Love is missed through hesitation Devine beauty meets deviation Without thoughtful conversation Expedience brings condemnation Focus shifts toward lamentation…