Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.

Consciousness is the energy that exists within us.
This force is who we are, our spirit, our soul, who we are on the inside. This is consciousness, the awareness that separates life from matter, what makes us aware of our existence.

Inside us, we exist, and we perceive our existence through the utility of our mind as it calculates our existence through what we perceive. We exist externally, you see me, I see you, but neither are able to see through the eyes of the other. We only know a small part of the other, despite how it may seem.

History is an illusion.

History is an illusion.
This is something I’ve come to learn.
We are here only in this moment.
All borrowed knowledge is false.
Truth is only what’s known.

Complimentary Poles

When looking upon something, see what it is as well as what it’s not. This is the trick, truth is always found in between two poles, each convinced they are truth. These poles are not opposed, the are complimentary in the construction of the center. The only thing needed is awareness and the only way to awareness is to be open to its possibility.

Altering Frames

It is possible to shift the current of one’s existence through shifting the linguistic of how we define ourselves. It is important to understand that we define reality through language, through the words we use…

The Observer

The observer is a part of every equation.
It’s a hidden part.
It’s assumed in doing the math.
Without the observer as a piece of the equation,
The equation ceases to have meaning or purpose.

Hidden in Time

Time is measured through consciousness; it’s dependent upon an observer to define its meaning. This creates a quantum state of impermanence, which our mind then perceives as the passage of time. Moments happen, then, they are gone. If we aren’t engaged with the moment we’re in, that moment becomes lost to another, existing solely within our mind.

Conditional Surrender

The moment conditions are set you’ve lost the purpose of surrender. Surrender is about letting go, not giving up. This isn’t a statement about defeat

Zendigity’s Interview – 8 Questions on Faith

Q: To you, what is God like? Describe God

A: If you start with the individual, the consciousness of that individual, and then expand it to many, and the consciousness of the group, then expand it into the consciousness of planet and all that’s entangled with it, then the universe, then all the universes. If you take the total awareness of it all, and then include all other possible dimensions into it, this is what I define as God.

Impermanence of Experience

Nothing is guaranteed. Regardless of how it appears, everything can change at any moment, and when it does it always takes you off guard. Some people live their entire lives without ever knowing this truth, some are bombarded with its reality every day.

The Zen of Wearing Funny Hats

A while back, as a meditative exercise, I experimented with the idea of introducing chaos into my experience by altering one seemingly insignificant detail of my life. I was going to start wearing hats more often.